How can you accurately budget maintenance expense for your newer trucks, tractors and trailers?

When you own your fleet, it’s a wise move to partner with Idealease for maintenance service. Today’s commercial trucks are sophisticated business tools that must be maintained by skilled technicians using the latest tooling and diagnostics. Traditional service vendors charge for every minute they work on your truck. Idealease provides expert maintenance services and our Guaranteed Maintenance makes it easy to accurately budget your annual maintenance expenses.

Idealease manages your vehicle’s maintenance with industry-leading best practices for optimum vehicle uptime.  Our technicians are OEM-trained and can diagnose the most complex issues with today’s highly engineered engines.

Our Guaranteed Maintenance program follows OEM vehicle and component best practices that are designed to ensure efficient service and vehicle reliability. We manage all aspects of preventive and scheduled vehicle maintenance including diagnostic analysis, OEM update and repair campaigns, warranty processing and tire management.

Idealease provides Priority Service at more than 430 Idealease locations throughout North America. We can tailor a Guaranteed Maintenance program for you that include other valuable services such as 24/7 Roadside Assistance and Mobile Service, discounted rental rates, and replacement vehicles.

Do the Math! Let Idealease show you the per unit savings we can offer on commercial truck, tractor and trailer maintenance. Talk to Idealease to learn how our Guaranteed Maintenance program will save you money, improve vehicle uptime, and allow you to focus more attention on serving your customers and growing your business.

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  • Dedicated Maintenance

  • Mobile Service (at designated locations)

  • Periodic state and federal inspections

  • Idealnet 24/7 Roadside Assistance

  • Idealease Fleet Services

    • Idealease Fuel Card with U.S. and Canada fuel tax reporting

    • Vehicle licensing, permitting, legalization

    • Motor Vehicle Report Service

    • Telematics Services

  • Idealsafe Safety & Compliance training and consultation

  • Driver training to reduce driver turnover

  • Replacement rental vehicles

  • Discounted rental vehicles